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Summer- Fall 2010 NSP Newsletter

Young boy with a Navajo-Churro Lamb
Dear Friends & Family:
Mr. Hal Cannon, the founder of the famous non-profit Western Folklife Center, headquartered in Elko, Nevada, but with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah as well, sent me the below link and webpage to a wonderful NPR piece and short videos that he and Taki Teloinidis spent months working on about the Navajo-Churro sheep. It was on NPR last month. I was down on the Navajo Nation and didn't see it until today. Thank you Hal and Taki.
The radio, video and written words are very accurate, and includes a few of the Navajo People that we've worked with over the last 33 years. Dr. Eric Olsen, Associate VP for USU Student Services and member of the Navajo Sheep Project also assisted with this NPR effort by the WFC. This has been an outstanding project, and without USU's positive assistance, especially in the early years, various USU staff and colleagues, as well as numerous USU undergraduate and graduate students, my wife, Nancy, and so many others, it would have never happened. Now that the Navajo-Churro are saved, the efforts of the future must be to sustain the Dine' culture, sheep lifeway and our National sheep and wool industry.
I was very appreciative to meet and work with Dr. Don Albrecht, with the USDA Western Rural Development Center (Don is President Stan Albrecht's brother) down on the Navajo Nation at Dine' College. Don's interest in the sustainability of the Navajo Lifeway was most sincere and I hope we here can assist in that effort in the future.
As per the request of the Dine' Collge, Land Grant Office, the Navajo Sheep Project will be providing Dine' College and through the President's Office, Dr. Ferlin Clark, a Navajo-Churro "Starter Flock" for educational and cultural needs at their campus. The flock will be delivered this fall once fencing and pastures are established.
Regardless of my rambling, when you have a few minutes please take the time to go to the Western Folklife Center website, read the words, listen to the NPR piece, and view the two short videos. Have a great day and upcoming week.

Link is below:

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