The History and Near Extinction of the Churro
The History of the Navajo Sheep Project
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Navajo life on the Reservation Welcome.....
Back in the early 1970's one man saw a dying breed and with it a culture and people. He saw a need that few saw and hence the Navajo Sheep Project a.k.a NSP was formed. Since that time the Navajo Sheep Project a nonprofit organization has not only been saving a rare breed, the Navajo Churro, but also a part of history, a culture, a people, and a way of life.

Mission Statement
Extinction is Forever!!!

It is the mission of the Navajo Sheep Project to preserve and breed back Navajo-Churro sheep so they can return to their historic place and purpose among the Navajo and Hispanic cultures. It is the futher mission of the Project to see that the return of the Churro benefits the people to whom it has historic and cultural importance. Through the return of the Churro, the Project encourages a revival of authentic Navajo and Rio Grande weaving styles, which will improve the economic well being of those who raise Churro and weave wool.

Purposes of the Navajo Sheep Project

To preserve and breed back the endangered Navajo-Churro sheep breed, through a systematic and scientific conservation program with the nucleus flock.

To assist in the development of flocks on the Navajo Reservation, in Hispanic villages, and other key areas.

To provide technical assistance to flock cooperators.

To educate Navajo and Hispanic growers to sustain themselves economically with their sheep and wool resources.

To promote inter-cultural communication, understanding, and cooperation within the agricultural sector.

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