The History and Near Extinction of the Churro
The History of the Navajo Sheep Project
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Churro Wool and rug Weaving
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NSP Service

NSP outreach areas during it's lifespan
The Navajo Sheep Project has also been about service, to those who the Navaho-Churro sheep has a purpose. The NSP has outreaching to many people within the Four corner states which include, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.
Service via outreach education, return and re-deployment of seedstock to the Dine' and the Hispanic cultures was an important hands-on duty of the Navajo Sheep Project.
This initial 1982 delivery and deployment was the largest return of the churro to the Deni', and many other were to come.
First Churro returned by the NSP to the Navajo Nation Tribe at the Tribal Zoo, Window Rock,AZ, 1983
NSP outreach program is about hands-on with the sheep there.
Grading wool is some of the field work the NSP has done.
Not all is field work. NSP outreach program is also educational with in room classes.
Preparing churro wool for market or spinning use by skirting.
97 USDA SARE Project
The NSP initiated with the 1993-97 USDA SARE Project, the return of Navajo flocks to grazing on the sacred peak of the North, Mt. Hesperus after 135 years of non-permitted use.
1995 deployment was to initiate a new form of protecting flocks, especially Navajo-Churros on the reservation from predation losses.

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