The History and Near Extinction of the Churro
The History of the Navajo Sheep Project
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Churro Wool and rug Weaving
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Sheep Sheets

Below are articles and helpful information on all aspects of Sheep. All are in PDF format and can be veiwed with Adobe Reader.

Sheep Sheets ~
*Sheep Sheets Title Page and Index

Behavior ~
*Basic Behavior Patterns of Sheep

*Dystocia (Lambing Difficulty)
*The 'A,B,C' System of Selecting Wool-Type Replacement Ewes
*Increasing Ewe Milk Production for Lambs
* Ewe and Your Veterinarian
*Culling Ewes

General ~
*Dealing with Drought!
*Planning for Drought
*Selecting Drought Feeds for Sheep
*Small-ruminant dietary grazing preferences on summer range following beef cattle utilization
*1997 Sheep Inventory Decline Continues
*An Abbreviated History of the U.S.D.A Southwestern Sheep Breeding Laboratory, Fort Wingate, NM 1936-1966
*The Return to Dibe' Ni'tsaa, Sacred Peak of the North to the Navajo
*Sustainable Sheep Production: Part 1
*A Condensed History of Navajo Sheep Production
*Distributing Livestock as a Grazing Management Tool
*Bulldog Jaw and Parrot Mouth Defects in Sheep
*Options for Marketing Sheep Products
*Starting a Sheep Flock
~ NEW 2012~
*Sheep Flock - General Management Calendar

Health ~
*Basic Health ( Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Goats)
*Veterinary Biologics
*Behavior Signs of Possible Health Problems
*Lambing Supplies for the Barn-Part 1
*Lamb Pneumonia
*Developing a Flock Health Program Part 1- an introductory example
*Vaccines and Immunity
*Practical Hoof Care
*Enterotoxemia.... The Deadly Tummy-ache
*Sheep Scabies (Mange; scab, itch)
*Contagious Ecthyma (Sore Mouth)
*Pregnancy Toxemia, Ovine Ketosis, Twin Lamb Disease or Ewe Sleepy Sickness
*Entropion Eye, Turned in Eyelid
*Caseous Lymphadenitis, Cheesy Gland, CLA, Abcesses, Boils
*Ovine Progressive Pneumonia (OPP)
*Biosecurity in the Sheep Flock
~ NEW 2012~
*A Sheep First Aid Kit~ For Year Round Needs & The Lambing Season
*General First Aid & Nursing of Sick Animals

*Basics of Saving Newborn Lambs
*Raising Orphaned Lambs
*Using the "Pritchard" Teats in Feeding Orphan Lambs
*Lamb Coats
*When Lambs Fail to Nurse!
*Interpretation of a Lamb's Temperature
*Examination of the Sick Newborn Lamb
*Examination of the Sick Lamb
*Problems in Newborn Lambs According to Age at Which They May First Be Seen
*Factors Influencing Lamb Losses
*Heat Lamps for Young Lambs
*Fundamental Factors That Affect Lamb Survival

*Livestock Water Supplies
*Feeding the Pregnant Ewe
*Reducing Feed Costs
*Characteristics of Feeds for Sheep
*Basic Sheep Nutrition
*Visual Evaluation of Sheep Feeds

*Flock Guarding Llamas
*Sheep Husbandry Methods Can Effect Predation

*Calendar of Ram Care
*Semen Evaluation
*Ram Breeding Soundness Evaluation (BSE)
*Ram Epididymitis
*Use of Scrotal Circumference Tape
*Eradicating Ram Epididymitis (Brucella Ovis)

*Wool Grading and Evaluation
*Methods of Marketing Grease Wool
*Basic Wool Terminology
*Wool Faults
*Wool Come in Different Sizes
* Preparation of Sheep for Shearing

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